6 Tips of (Post) Christmas (falalalalalalalala)

A taster (No pun intended) below 😉

1. Forward preparation/planning “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”

Prep your meals. Make the time to do this. As the days start getting colder, we rely more and more on warm, comforting foods, normally in the form of a 3-minute microwave meal or 2 minute Just Eat order. Your body’s extremely clever at regulating its temperature, so next time you think you need a takeaway curry to ‘warm up’, think again. Stock up, bulk buy and bulk on seasonal meat & veg and have your meals in place for each day to keep you on track.

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2. Try an app/food diary

So many of us turn to eating when we’re stressed, bored or anxious – this is done out of pure habit, eating for the sake of it and not because we’re actually hungry. Our craving for comfort foods goes the during trough the roof at this time of year. A simple habit of writing/recording what foods you’re having and when you’re eating it can really help when discovering bad habits when it comes to overeating and snacking. This process is KEY when looking to keep body fat at bay, any client that we coach must record what they are eating, we ask for photos, and chat regular about struggles when it comes to struggles and overcoming them.

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3. Be in control. (Most of the time.)

We all get bombarded with delicious, yet unhealthy options in the run-up to Christmas… don’t let this continue into January, whoever you are, are hard to avoid, but if you take control you’ll be amazed what a big big difference it makes.

Ex 1:

The office table is full of delights from birthdays and colleagues leaving (3 rd day in a row) You’ve had some days 1 and 2. Don’t really want another? Don’t feel obliged to indulge.

Ex 2:

Not in the mood for midweek drinks? Don’t give in to the pressure. Enjoy a bottle of Vino with a loved one snuggled up on the sofa watching X-Factor (guilty pleasure) Saturday night. You CAN say no. PLANNING in cheat meals again is what we coach our clients to apply & in the KEY to unlocking results, proven with our portfolio of before and after client photos.

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4. Get outside!!

As the days get shorter and darker (by 4pm), our serotonin levels fall massively (commonly known as the Winter blues.) Serotonin regulates mood and appetite, so not only do we tend to feel a bit down in the dumps, but we also tend to crave carbohydrates and stodgier foods. Getting out into as much winter sunshine as possible helps serotonin levels to rise and can help to stop those cravings. We encourage our clients as part of their Homework exercises to do just this, and send a Selfie as proof 😉

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5. Buy some sun!!

Book a sunny beach holiday. Knowing you’ll be on a beach in your swimming gear in the next few months will definitely give you the motivation to stay in shape over the winter. You’ll be more likely to keep up your gym routine and avoid the (extra 😉 ) Yorkshire puddings when you have a holiday as your incentive. We find from experience that ex/current clients who have done just this have a lot stronger mind-set and willpower over the winter period.

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6. Eat until you are content

Try to eat only when you’re hungry, not by the clock. Give yourself a mental stop sign, which you can use anytime you’re tempted to overeat – this might be imagining yourself at a healthy weight and focusing on how happy this will make you feel. Or a time when you felt great and confidence was oozing- Summer 2008.

It’s all good and well reading the above…APPLY it and reap the benefits in months to come…. trust us.

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