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I’ve always been quite fit and active, however, over the last few years I got out of the routine of exercise and this combined with bad eating habits contributed to my weight gain. I wanted to feel better and get back into shape but my self-motivation probably was the main thing holding me back, so I decided to search for a Personal Trainer as I wanted someone to push me more than would push myself.

After speaking to a few different trainers/gyms I got a good feeling from Absolutely Fit so went for a meeting. I met with Jazmin and it was clear she really knew her stuff, and everything was so relaxed. It was clear a big problem was the food I was eating, so she worked out a complete eating plan to follow, which she would go through with you at the beginning of each session to make sure everything was on track and tweak if necessary.

I decided to start off with 2 sessions per week to see how things went and quickly got hooked, so increased to 3 sessions per week.

There is a really relaxed friendly feel about the studio and you have complete one on one training for your slot, that’s not to say it’s easy, Jazmin likes to make you work hard, but she is a great motivator and knows when you’ve got a bit more to give. It’s this extra effort you probably wouldn’t put in if you were on your own at the gym that makes a big difference.

Working with Jazmin gave me a proper understanding of how to use gym equipment and do the exercises correctly get the best out of my time training, I certainly realised that I had not been exercising properly in the past.

At around the 3 week point people started commenting that I had lost weight, I also felt a lot better, with more energy and no more indigestion. The real motivation comes when you see the difference physically, and at the end of my 12-week block I was really pleased with the results and booked another month’s worth of sessions.

Overall my experience has been fantastic, and I would highly recommend either Jazmin or Manjit at Absolutely Fit, they are both great motivators with in-depth knowledge of nutrition and training methods. There is no judgement of how you look, there is only ever one person to one trainer so you don’t have to wait to use a machine and it means there are only 4 people (including Coaches) in the Studio at any one time, they get you into great eating and training habits and you look and feel better, so there’s really no reason not to use them.

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A taster (No pun intended) below 😉

1. Forward preparation/planning “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”

Prep your meals. Make the time to do this. As the days start getting colder, we rely more and more on warm, comforting foods, normally in the form of a 3-minute microwave meal or 2 minute Just Eat order. Your body’s extremely clever at regulating its temperature, so next time you think you need a takeaway curry to ‘warm up’, think again. Stock up, bulk buy and bulk on seasonal meat & veg and have your meals in place for each day to keep you on track.

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2. Try an app/food diary

So many of us turn to eating when we’re stressed, bored or anxious – this is done out of pure habit, eating for the sake of it and not because we’re actually hungry. Our craving for comfort foods goes the during trough the roof at this time of year. A simple habit of writing/recording what foods you’re having and when you’re eating it can really help when discovering bad habits when it comes to overeating and snacking. This process is KEY when looking to keep body fat at bay, any client that we coach must record what they are eating, we ask for photos, and chat regular about struggles when it comes to struggles and overcoming them.

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3. Be in control. (Most of the time.)

We all get bombarded with delicious, yet unhealthy options in the run-up to Christmas… don’t let this continue into January, whoever you are, are hard to avoid, but if you take control you’ll be amazed what a big big difference it makes.

Ex 1:

The office table is full of delights from birthdays and colleagues leaving (3 rd day in a row) You’ve had some days 1 and 2. Don’t really want another? Don’t feel obliged to indulge.

Ex 2:

Not in the mood for midweek drinks? Don’t give in to the pressure. Enjoy a bottle of Vino with a loved one snuggled up on the sofa watching X-Factor (guilty pleasure) Saturday night. You CAN say no. PLANNING in cheat meals again is what we coach our clients to apply & in the KEY to unlocking results, proven with our portfolio of before and after client photos.

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4. Get outside!!

As the days get shorter and darker (by 4pm), our serotonin levels fall massively (commonly known as the Winter blues.) Serotonin regulates mood and appetite, so not only do we tend to feel a bit down in the dumps, but we also tend to crave carbohydrates and stodgier foods. Getting out into as much winter sunshine as possible helps serotonin levels to rise and can help to stop those cravings. We encourage our clients as part of their Homework exercises to do just this, and send a Selfie as proof 😉

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5. Buy some sun!!

Book a sunny beach holiday. Knowing you’ll be on a beach in your swimming gear in the next few months will definitely give you the motivation to stay in shape over the winter. You’ll be more likely to keep up your gym routine and avoid the (extra 😉 ) Yorkshire puddings when you have a holiday as your incentive. We find from experience that ex/current clients who have done just this have a lot stronger mind-set and willpower over the winter period.

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6. Eat until you are content

Try to eat only when you’re hungry, not by the clock. Give yourself a mental stop sign, which you can use anytime you’re tempted to overeat – this might be imagining yourself at a healthy weight and focusing on how happy this will make you feel. Or a time when you felt great and confidence was oozing- Summer 2008.

It’s all good and well reading the above…APPLY it and reap the benefits in months to come…. trust us.

1. The Buddy System. Get a workout buddy or partner to help you stay accountable. Having a partner, you can encourage and push each other to reach the goals you’ve set.

2. Pictures. Pick out pictures of fit people and put them in places where you will see them constantly. Choose images of those who have physiques you aspire to, but who also have similar body types as you do.

3. Keep a journal. It’s important that you track your progress so that you keep going.
A training journal is a good way to mark off your exercises as you do them. You can look back at them later and see what you’ve accomplished. This will help motivate you on days that you don’t feel like working out. Likewise, a food journal is equally as helpful for tracking your diet.

4. Small rewards. Every week you should reward yourself with what we call a “cheat meal.” Note that we said cheat meal, not cheat day. The idea is that once to four times a week you get to use one meal to eat anything you want. This way you won’t feel as though you are depriving yourself. But be careful that you get right back on track, so that you don’t set yourself back from all the progress you just made. Keep in mind that in the next week, you can look forward to another cheat meal.

5. Progress, not perfection. Many times when someone messes up on his or her diet or program, he or she will have the mentality that the entire program is blown. The thought goes something like this, “Well, I just messed up, so I might as well eat whatever I want and start over next week.” Keep in mind that your program is about progress, not perfection. You want to maintain a diet and program that can become lifestyle. Just get right back on track and keep going.

6. Set specific goals and target dates. It is important that you not only set realistic goals for yourself but, that you also set a specific target date in which you want to have it accomplished. “I want to lose 3 stones this year” is not specific enough. Try something like, “By June 30th, I am going to lose 1.5 stones and fit into a size 8 dress.” Pull out your training journal and keep marking off the days you work out, write down what you eat, and keep visualising your goal. You can expect to lose 2 – 3 pounds per week safely. Any more than that is not considered healthy.


I would just like to say how much I enjoyed and learnt throughout my 12 Week Body shaping and Lifestyle Transformation at Absolutely Fit.

Jazmin was my Performance Coach. I saw her once a week for a one to one session;

Jazmin informed me that she would set exercises for me to do outside the Studio to keep me motivated and get my body to change shape. This was perfect for me, as I didn’t feel confident enough to join a public gym as I had very little experience and knowledge or how to train or what to do.

Jaz is a brilliant Personal Trainer, mentor and Coach who made my exercise and eating programme very enjoyable and most importantly kept me motivated me during the tough times.

After 12 weeks of training and eating properly, I felt so much fitter.

The most valuable part of what I have taken away from this experience is that I now have the tools to apply exercise and nutrition on myself, safely and correctly. I am now a member of a gym and have the confidence to use their equipment, knowing that I am not wasting my time or money in my membership.

I would highly recommend Absolutely Fit to anyone wanting to change their way of life regarding fitness and nutrition, to build confidence, shape your body the way you want it to look and improve your fitness levels by having top quality Personal Training in a friendly, informative private Studio with a great environment and coaches.


My diet was all over the place and the exercise I was doing was a waste of time. Sounds familiar right? I needed help, and fast.

After my first initial consultation with Absolutely Fit, I was motivated and felt for the first time that my ideal body shape was achievable.

I got straight into it. First with my diet, my problem was I was never organised and grabbed food on the go. With a full time job and a horse it is hard to find time to fit everything in, but Absolutely Fit gave me some tips on how to stay on top of this.

I would prepare everything the night before for the following day even down to having the porridge in the bowl ready to add water and put in the microwave and the egg ready in the saucepan to boil. I love sweet things so adding pineapple to my porridge rather than sugar or sweetener was a big advantage to me.

I would then have my mid-morning snack of seeds and kiwi fruit ready at work, my lunch of chicken or fish with veg and depending if on a carb day my sweet potato. Afternoon snacks were cottage cheese and some celery.

I would have cooked my meet the night before so all that needed to be done in the evening was steam my veg. There is so much veg to choose from it never has to get boring, and I started to use different spices and herbs with my chicken or fish.

I was training twice a week with Manjit. I have always been into my running and spinning and giving this up to work my muscles properly, so to give this up was hard, but within a few weeks and seeing the results I got was worth it. I still carry on with my running and my stamina has improved significantly.

I trained on my own or with a gym buddy who was also working with Absolutely Fit and soon my body shape started to change. I loved it. I didn’t have big bulky muscles but nice toned and slender muscles.

As time went on we tweaked my nutrition and workouts to shock my body, so it never became old or boring. I always wanted to do better week on week, become stronger and fitter.

I have suffered with food and food being my enemy for years, so not only has Absolutely Fitmade me look better, gave me more confidence, made me stronger it has also helped me overcome my fear of foods. Food is no longer the enemy but a friend.

I have started a new journey with Manjit and the team at Absolutely Fit now, and I am looking forward to where this journey takes me.

1. Drink at least two litres of water each day. This will help to stop you from snacking and keep you well hydrated – this means clear skin, mental alertness, lots of energy and maximum fat burning.


2. Eat lots of high fibre foods. These foods fill you up, which means you take in fewer calories.



3. Fill up on lots of fruit and vegetables, brown rice, wholemeal bread, and unrefined cereals. Avoid fatty foods like biscuits, cakes, butter and fatty meats. Eat protein foods at each meal.


4. Digesting protein foods such as meat or fish slows down the absorption of any carbohydrates you have eaten and helps to keep blood sugar levels constant. Fluctuating blood sugar levels often lead to binge eating and may also increase the amount of fat stored in the body.


5. Eat slowly! As soon as food enters the small intestine from the stomach, your brain receives a message saying ‘Stop Eating!’ By eating slowly and listening to your body, you will only take in as many calories as you need.


6. Read food labels. Use foods in their most natural state, avoiding foods with a long list of ingredients and lots of unnatural additives. Watch out for foods stating that they are low in sugar or fat – always check what ingredients have been used and the proportions of sugar and fat stated in the nutrition information.



7. What you should focus on eating is choosing meals from the following suggestions for a healthy, well-balanced and nutritious diet that will help you to manage your weight. Just watch the portion sizes and don’t ‘supplement’ too much with your favourite snacks.


If you follow our methods and advice we can guarantee you will feel and look fantastic in just 12 weeks!

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We believe that everyone is an individual. Ethnicity, genetics, life style and gender makes a difference when designing your bespoke Nutrition and Exercise plans.

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At Absolutely Fit Studio we are 100% results orientated, dedicated to getting you results. We recognise that every client is an individual, and we know that every client requires a bespoke nutritional and physical exercise training programme to achieve their goals.

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