Corporate Services

Absolutely Fit specialises in providing bespoke employee health and well-being solutions. As a young, vibrant and current company we can provide bespoke corporate fitness, nutrition and well-being solutions to all corporate organisations throughout the United Kingdom.

A workplace has a significant impact on employee’s health and well-being. A healthy environment will lead to engaging employees who are at their most productive, delivering high-quality standards, thus contributing to the success of any business.

The importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body has never been so well understood as it is today. A fit and active workforce is a productive workforce and it behoves every responsible employer to cater to their employee’s health and well being.

Absolutely Fit Workplace Benefits

A well delivered health and well being strategy for your company should help improve the companies “feel good factor” to keep sick days to a minimum.

Reducing stress related illnesses – countless studies have proven that the body’s ability to cope with stress is dramatically improved by systematic regular exercise and a sensible and balanced nutritional plan.

Energising the working environment – the mid afternoon office slump can easily be rectified with sensible and practical on site nutritional offerings. This isn’t as complex as it may sound – simply swapping the vending machine chocolate bars for packets of natural nuts and dried fruit can make a substantial difference.

Our mission at Absolutely Fit is to demonstrate how fitness and well being can be incorporated into any business model. Tailored to meet your specific needs, Absolutely Fit can support a UK nationwide training programme for HR managers, business leaders and work colleagues.

Absolutely Fit Personal Training achieves corporate success via the following:

Personal Training/Performance Coaching

Nutritional Management

Bespoke individualised programmes or more general advice on canteen meals, lunchtime options etc. It is a scientifically proven fact that mental acuity can either be massively improved, or subdued, following a meal so the right food choices are supremely important to the productive working day.

Body Fat and Physical Assessments

We take and interpret data to give each person the best advice for their own unique biochemistry.


Presentations where we expand on how to eat and exercise for improved well being and increased daily productivity.

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