If you suffer with self esteem issues and would feel intimidated in a normal gym environment, you can feel more at ease at the Absolutely Fit Studio studio. Their will be no "random gym members" training poorly and using equipment that you need to use.

Sports Therapy Room

Our sports therapy clinic offers the following treatments:

  1. Injury consultation and assessment
  2. Manipulations and mobilisations
  3. Deep tissue massage
  4. Postural assessments
  5. Injury Rehabilitation
  6. Ultrasound
  7. Electrotherapy

Consultation Room

We have a dedicated room where clients can discuss their goals and challenges with confidence in a private environment


Our open plan reception is a great place to sit and wait for your session or relax afterwards with fantastic educational articles. We also sell healthy nutritional shakes designed specifically for each client's goals.

Shower Facilities

There is no need to go home sweaty or not train as you have to return to work. Our luxury shower allows you to clean and freshen up after your workout. You can also use them to get changed before and after each session.

Disabled Facilities

Our entrance door, toilet and studio are all designed to facilitate disabled users.

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