Female Training Services in Swindon

At Absolutely Fit Studio everyone is treated as an individual, we take inconsideration age, life style, genetics and sex, We understand a women and a man's fitness and body shaping needs can be different hence need to be coached in a different way to each other.

Female Body Toning

Females looking to tone their body; trim up the thighs, firm up the bum, tone the arms and flatten the stomach area. This often includes some body fat reduction too.

Female Fat Reduction

Females who are fairly happy with their muscle tone, but are looking to reduce overall body fat. This normally means reducing the waistline and generally reducing body fat over the whole body.

At Absolutely Fit Studio we use strength training for women to promote fat loss Strength training refers to exercise that requires your muscles to exert a force against some form of resistance, such as free weights. Performing strength training exercises 2-3 x a week for 20 minutes yields terrific fat burning results when done with correct intensity and form. Women resistance training is not much different than men's resistance training; the musculoskeletal systems of women are nearly the same as men. Men's bodies in general have different areas of fat tissue predisposition than women's bodies do, and other gender differences. However because of these minor gender differences and cultural stereotypes (most of it is not true) women's resistance training is not regularly undertaken.

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Fat Loss Strength Training Benefits

Our coaches have proven that strength training is the fastest way to improve muscle strength and endurance. The increase in muscle strength and endurance allows a person to perform everyday tasks with less effort and for longer periods of time. Many changes in muscle tissue that are associated with age are caused by disuse. Simply forcing the muscles to work on a regular basis significantly improves their capacity to do work. Resistance training can also improve circulation, coordination, balance, and bone and ligament strength.

Some misconceptions associated with weight training are that women would produce bulging muscles and/or they would seriously injure themselves lifting weights. It is very difficult for a woman to produce large muscles due to the fact that women generally have high levels of the hormone oestrogen. The fact is improvements are made in muscle tone, strength and endurance and not necessarily in size. As muscles become toned, the body begins to lose fat tissue and becomes firmer.

When it comes to strength training, anything that is considered a healthy practice for men is also healthy for women.

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Advantages of Absolutely Fit Strength Training Coaching Sessions

At Absolutely Fit each coaching session is demonstrated with correct form and technique with the right intensity for your body to respond to reshaping your body the way you want to look.

All Absolutely Fit coaching sessions are designed using scientifically based training and nutrition plans paying due diligence to.

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