Female Personal Training Swindon

At Absolutely Fit everyone is treated as an individual. We understand a woman and a man’s fitness and body shaping needs can be different, hence need to be coached in a different ways.

Females look to tone their body; trim up the thighs, firm up the bum, tone the arms and flatten the stomach area. This often includes some body fat reduction too. At Absolutely Fit we use free weights for women to promote fat loss. Performing exercises using free weights yields terrific fat burning results when done with the correct intensity and form.

It is a myth that by using weights women will get results that mean that they look masculine. Due to the differences between male and female anatomy we understand that this is simply not possible due to the lack of testosterone that women produce. Our coaches have proven that training with weights is the fastest way to improve muscle tone, body shape and core stability.

By increasing your muscular tone and strength many everyday tasks will become easier. Many changes in muscle tissue that are associated with age are caused by disuse. Simply encouraging the muscles to work on a regular basis significantly improves their tone and shape. Resistance training can also improve circulation, coordination, balance, and bone and ligament strength.

Throughout this process the body begins to lose fat tissue and the muscles becomes firmer giving that “toned look”.  At Absolutely Fit each coaching session is demonstrated with correct form and technique with the right intensity to encourage the body shape you are aiming for.

All Absolutely Fit coaching sessions are designed using scientifically based training and nutrition plans paying due diligence to your safety and wellbeing.

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