Lee’s 12 Week Body Shaping Transformation

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I’ve always been quite fit and active, however, over the last few years I got out of the routine of exercise and this combined with bad eating habits contributed to my weight gain. I wanted to feel better and get back into shape but my self-motivation probably was the main thing holding me back, so I decided to search for a Personal Trainer as I wanted someone to push me more than would push myself.

After speaking to a few different trainers/gyms I got a good feeling from Absolutely Fit so went for a meeting. I met with Jazmin and it was clear she really knew her stuff, and everything was so relaxed. It was clear a big problem was the food I was eating, so she worked out a complete eating plan to follow, which she would go through with you at the beginning of each session to make sure everything was on track and tweak if necessary.

I decided to start off with 2 sessions per week to see how things went and quickly got hooked, so increased to 3 sessions per week.

There is a really relaxed friendly feel about the studio and you have complete one on one training for your slot, that’s not to say it’s easy, Jazmin likes to make you work hard, but she is a great motivator and knows when you’ve got a bit more to give. It’s this extra effort you probably wouldn’t put in if you were on your own at the gym that makes a big difference.

Working with Jazmin gave me a proper understanding of how to use gym equipment and do the exercises correctly get the best out of my time training, I certainly realised that I had not been exercising properly in the past.

At around the 3 week point people started commenting that I had lost weight, I also felt a lot better, with more energy and no more indigestion. The real motivation comes when you see the difference physically, and at the end of my 12-week block I was really pleased with the results and booked another month’s worth of sessions.

Overall my experience has been fantastic, and I would highly recommend either Jazmin or Manjit at Absolutely Fit, they are both great motivators with in-depth knowledge of nutrition and training methods. There is no judgement of how you look, there is only ever one person to one trainer so you don’t have to wait to use a machine and it means there are only 4 people (including Coaches) in the Studio at any one time, they get you into great eating and training habits and you look and feel better, so there’s really no reason not to use them.

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