Male Personal Training Service Swindon

Here at Absolutely Fit, we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to exercise and fitness coaching simply doesn’t work for each client, and as a consequence, bespoke coaching is at the heart of what we do. This, coupled with bespoke nutrition from our team of academics and scientists ensures that at Absolutely Fit we get results, empower clients by imparting knowledge that will help them manage their own transformations, and ensures the transformations aren’t simply skin deep.

As males, we all come in different shapes and sizes, and furthermore, aspire to look different shapes and sizes. That is why here at Absolutely Fit we tailor training to your goals and ambitions.

Men’s Muscle Toning Swindon

For that ‘beach body’ look, the greatest gains are to be achieved not simply through an increase in muscle mass, but an increase in muscle definition, otherwise termed a reduction in body fat mass. The literature to date identifies fat mass reduction (i.e. increased stored fat oxidation) is dependent on depletion of rate limiting carbohydrate; and here at Absolutely Fit our coaches apply their Sports Science, Strength & Conditioning and Fitness Coaching knowledge to stress your body in ways that utilise the stored energy in those ‘love handles’, ‘beer bellies’ and ‘relaxed muscles’.

However the benefits don’t stop there! Other physiological and anatomical adaptations include increased muscular endurance and improved posture as we endeavour to deliver a full body workout at every opportunity. You’ll be visibly healthier and inevitably as a trait of all successful exercise programmes, visibly happier. So join the Absolutely Fit Team in pursuit of a leaner, stronger and more defined you today!

Men’s Muscle Building Swindon

For that ‘gym body’ or ‘body builder’ look (particularly suiting ‘hard gainers’ – those who struggle to increase bulk), we not only have the facilities to stress your bodies in our private fitness studio, but through our coaches also have the nutritional know how to supply the muscles with the building blocks to bigger, stronger and more powerful muscles through our bespoke nutrition and supplementation programmes. The literature to date identifies increases in muscle size, (termed ‘muscle hypertrophy’), as a response to being placed under loads they are not commonly accustomed to (termed ‘overload’). Here at Absolutely Fit our team of coaches are skilled at placing the body under overload conditions and as a consequence adaptation of the body results in increased muscle fibre size, increased stored protein and increased capillarisation – typical responses to our Men’s Muscle Building programmes. So join the Absolutely Fit Team in pursuit of a bigger, stronger and more powerful you today!


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