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Ok I hear it all the time “but when I do crunches they burn so much they simply must be burning fat, right?”
mmmm, wrong!! Even the best direct ab exercises only strengthen the muscles underneath the flat! Fact! We never get client to do sit-ups at our studio.

That doesn’t mean they’re not useful, but rather that they’re only useful at certain times for certain goals. You must of heard me say “fit for function”
OK! We all have ab’s regardless of how high our body-fat percentage is!I t’s when you get your nutrition, exercise and rest are correct, then those.

It’s when you get your nutrition, exercise and rest are correct, then those muscles become more visible. The key to a chiseled six-pack is sticking to a good overall workout routine and nutrition plan is that it first into your life style! Simple that!

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Don’t get me wrong Yes, exercises that directly work the abdominals can make the muscles more detailed and defined, But that effort will only pay off when you burn away the layer of body fat over them.

So start at the kitchen. Abs are built in the gym, and sculpted in the kitchen.
Just to be clear, a crunch is also not unique in its ability to work the “six-pack muscles” of the rectus abdominus. Here are just some exercises that work the six pack muscles and then some:
All of the following absolutely smash the rectus and every other ab muscle, creating core strength that can carry over to everything else you do in the gym!

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