My favourite slow-and-low intensity cardiovascular training is a great tool!In the right time, amount, and place.
But if you want to lose fat, you probably need a lot less of it than you think, unless you’re already lean and looking to get leaner or you just want to be super fit, you don’t need a lot of cardio.

I’ve found in the years of coaching that the average person trying to get lean, basically lose the body fat! Can really achieve this with just a good weight workout routine and nutrition plan.

However, if you compete or are prepping for a photo shoot, cardio is necessary to get rid of those last few pounds of stubborn subcotaiouse fat in the final weeks of prep’

Don’t get me wrong cardio is a must! As it will keep you fit and your heart pumping and thumping!

Most people get better muscle toning results from blended cardio and bodyweight training.  The type me and Jazmin do for our successful fat loss clients Our “12 week Body and Mind transformations” 30 minute workouts with a bit of cardio at the end for results.

Something that we witness a lot is that for most blokes, the most stubborn fatty areas are usually the love handles (especially mine!!), lower abs, and lower back. For a lot of the women we see, it’s usually the hips, bum, and thighs.
All these areas have a high amount of what is called “alpha-receptors” don’t panic I’m not going into too much of my Chemistry degree, in a nutshell they are more insulin sensitive and receive less blood flow.

A lot of people will find after a few weeks, you might hit a fat-burning plateau and notice those areas are the last to get really lean. When that time comes, then consider getting on the treadmill etc  and re-jig your nutrition, to help smash it off. of course  you need to know what type of cardio is required other wise you could be “losing weight” in the form of MUCLE not fat!

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