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Trust me, most people think they need to have NO life when it comes to exercising and training. There’s no better feeling than trying to transform your physique to make you start viewing the world differently in terms of do’s and dont’s when it comes to food and exercise.

Just watch the next time someone brings cakes into the office, you’ll quickly notice two “teams” develop: those who partake, and those who don’t.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t until I made a pact with myself to decide I no longer wanted to be unhealthy. I committed myself to a strict nutrition plan and exercise plan I wanted to be super fit, lean and see my 6 pack! I wasn’t aware of just how much of our social lives revolved around food and drinks (the unhealthy kind). I used to experience this working in an office back in the day, when others would bring in food to celebrate special occasions (trust me there was a special occasion every day in my office, i’m sure you can relate to this!!)

Office settings are hard when co-workers want to bring cakes and sweets in or go out to distress during “happy hour” after work. No one wants to be the antisocial one right?!

Ha! I fight this one every day. I want cake, but I want results too! So what do we do? Right, it’s simple, you have to trust the overall approach to handle the big part of the results. If you’re confident in 90 percent of your nutritional approach, both the What and the Why you are doing it! It’s so much easier to say either “no thanks” or “just a bit” (as part of your Absolutely Fit cheat meal) and really mean it.

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Go out and be social if you want, but be prepared at work with your own cheat meals, whatever will help you focus on the lifestyle change you’re aiming for.

A idea we give our clients is motivate yourself with new gym kit, because if you feel good you will do good, plus no one wants to spend money on new gym kit and not fit in it, yes.



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