This idea has many people scared squatless!  Haha get it?! 😉

There are many people that are fearful that they will get injured! If you think you will guess what? The chances are you will! Don’t trick yourself from not doing what arguably is the most productive weight-training exercise ever devised.

The squat, is what is known as a compound exercise, it works a multitude of muscles synergistically, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteus, as well as the core (yes that’s your 6 pack) and upper body.

It’s entirely possible that a lifetime of sitting (among many other factors) may have got in the way of your ability to squat deeply with good form.


I see this in the gyms so so much;

Squatting heavy before you can squat well is a major culprit of injury. With patience and a focus on mobility, you can absolutely get the most benefit of your squat!

Let me tell you, the lower reaches of the range of motion are the most difficult but this will help you produce more of a hormone called IGF1 (insulin Growth Factor 1) As most people stop short of going all the way down to where the thighs are parallel to the floor or below. As I mentioned, this is where some of the squat’s biggest benefits are to be found.

Let me give you a tip, if your knees are poking out past your toes, start by widening up your stance a bit to allow you to at least go to parallel.

Over time, work on getting a better range of movement whilst squatting, and they’ll more than earn their place in your leg-day routine.

In other words, don’t leap into a heavy quarter-squat at the expense of learning how to do a lighter full squat. Start practicing light (or bodyweight) full squats, and then slowly add weight.

Exercises like the goblet squats, Hex bar squats can deffo’ help you get there. They teach you great squat form without requiring you to get under a heavy load.


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