What’s Included

  • A progressive personalised nutrition plan which will be designed around your lifestyle.

  • There is also a option of a 60 minute Skype call with Manjit, for progress checking, and deeper personal questions and answers session at an additional charge

  • A progressive training plan to follow step by step, guiding you to how we would like you to exercise in a gym and/or at home specifically for your goals.

  • These plans are all progressive and interactive with your online coach, you will receive easy to follow training plans and a detailed nutrition plan which will change dependent on you progression.

  • The app has a built in message service which allows you to communicate directly to us.

  • We will require you to submit your body shaping goals, before photos, and complete user friendly body measurement sheets and PARQ Which then in turn allows us to make changes to your nutrition and exercise as accurately as possible.

  • Each client's regime will be tailored to their individual requirements, based upon the most up to date scientific research into the areas of strength and conditioning, nutrition, muscle hypertrophy and fat metabolism to ensure your training and nutrition is safe and optimal.

Our tailor made training and nutrition programs cater to each client's goals which include:

  • Weight Loss (professional athlete)
  • Increased Recovery
  • Fat Loss
  • Increased Stamina
  • Muscle Growth
  • Nutrition Goals
  • Strength Conditioning
  • Self Confidence
  • Increased Energy Levels

This 12 Week Online Body Transformation service is a one off price of:

£250.00For All Clients - Start Now

Secure Payment methods

Please use the payment reference: January 12 Weeks Online
We will need your email address.

More Information

How Do You Begin Your 12 Week Programme?

An Absolutely Fit Coach will send you an invitation to activate your Absolutely Fit online account, to the email address you previously provided. Follow on-screen prompts to activate.

Follow the easy to use on-screen tabs on your profile to enter relevant PARQ information, body measurements, before photos and your fitness and body shaping goals.

From here, Absolutely Fit will assign you progressive exercise and nutrition programmes bespoke to your fitness and body shaping goals.

You will also receive:

You will be added to a private WhatsApp group with both Manjit and Jazmin for 24 hours accountability and communication throughout your program.
This will be an interactive group with full support from your Absolutely Fit Coaches alongside some clients who have been through this successful process already.