Our History at Absolutely Fit

A Life Science graduate and Martial artist Manjit Singh Dol in 2009.........

Manjit in 2009 like many people in Swindon at the time had been made redundant form his previous job. Opportunities in his previous area of expertise, pharmaceutical science jobs were scarce, so he decided to make his long time hobby and passion of personal training into his new full time career. Manjit's style of "personal training" is very different from your standard personal trainer where he is able to use his life experiences to produce a platform for coaching which guarantees results every time!!

manjit history

All the equipment at the studio has been specially designed and chosen for getting results at first glance the studio looks like another gym but there are many pieces of equipment that cannot be found at a standard gym and some that are exclusive to the Absolutely Fit Studio. Due to demand for Absolutely Fit results the studio from May 2011 boasted a team of coaches who are all graded not by length of service in the fitness industry but by their result they have achieved with their clients keeping true to the theme of "real people real results" in an average of just 12 weeks clients see amazing results at the studio using bespoke nutrition plans and Absolutly Fit's style of coaching and specialised equipment at the private studio. So the 12 week body transformation was born.

manjit dol
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