Running Club - Coming Soon

Managed by our Performance Coach Ollie Burt and highly experienced distance runner.

The Absolutely Fit Running Club is the ultimate running club in Swindon.

We offer a great workout for both the novice and the more experienced runners out there. All Absolutely Fit Running Club sessions are specifically designed so that no matter what levels your current fitness are at, you still get a great workout which will really push you, whilst feeling part of the great Absolutely Fit group spirit.

We are a Swindon running club with a difference, our session are highly varied and change on a week by week basis, in the pleasant environment of Kembrey Park we start of in our private studio were we perform 15 minutes of core strengthening exercises. It is important to engage the core as a strong core that makes running more efficient, as you have a better running posture ensuring your core works in tandem with the spinal muscles helping endurance, you can expect variations such as hill climbs, running circuits and time trials to name just a few! We like to make sure that every session is designed so that it is achievable by everyone whilst never forgetting that the Absolutely Fit Running Club is all about having fun. The Absolutely Fit Running Club will be a 12 week progressive course so no two runs will be the same.

If you are new to running and are feeling nervous about your ability to join a running club in Swindon, please do not worry our super friendly and awesome Personal Performance Coaches will be with you every step of the way and guide you on your journey with the premier Swindon running club.

Group running is good fun and can really help to motivate you to keep up your exercise routine, you get to meet up with other like minded people, run together and share training and running tips or just enjoy the camaraderie of group running.

Please contact us for further details and we hope to see you at a The Absolutely Fit Running Club event soon.


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