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"Before I met Manjit I was at a dead end, I had tried loads of diets and work out DVD's but I wasn't getting any closer to the celebrity body that I craved! Meeting Manjit was the turning point for me.

"I was probably like the majority of girls that go to the gym and have no idea what to do, a quick 5 minutes on each cardio machine, jumping off as soon as I started to sweat. But not any more.

"Manjit was vary patient with me as a new comer to training and is so easy to talk to and question. He made our sessions so satisfying I loved coming away from them with new exercises or going up a level on the bike.

"The feeling after a session with Manjit is better than anything else, even chocolate."

Louise (Body Shaping)

swindon trainer

"I have so much to thank Manjit for it's really hard knowing where to start..."

"I used to watch all the stars on TV with the "perfect" figure and that flat stomach which every woman wants deep down. I tried everything to get that "perfect" figure, to look lean, toned and yes have that flat stomach. I would participate in all the gym classes, work out on the gym floor and try every diet I could find."

"Then I met Manjit... I explained what goals I wanted, and how I found various gym exercises boring, he then agreed to personal train me. I was a bit reluctant at first as those worries started to come into play... 'I don't want to bulk up and look like a man, what if my muscle turns into fat if I don't carry on training as hard. I will become boring and no longer have a life'..."

Kam Kaur - Sales Advisor (Body Shaping)

swindon trainer

"My name is Kasali Casal and I play for CFR Cluj who are a top Romanian football club that play in the Champions and Europa League."

"I've recently just signed for the club in January 2010, as I was previous playing for a League 1 club in the English Football League."

"Most people would think ''How in Gods name could he make the jump from playing in League 1 in the English football league to a team that contends against the best teams in Europe including the top teams from the Premier league in England (i.e Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool)?"

Kasali Casal - Professional Football Player (Elite Sports Performance)


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