A Coach within the Absolutely Fit Studio is more* than your average Personal Trainer.

Some Personal Training courses take only 6 weeks to complete. Many Personal Training companies rely solely on selecting their trainers from these fast-track courses, without the trainer actually having hands on experience or communication with clients.

We at Absolutely Fit, believe that fitness qualifications are, of course, mandatory when entering the industry but, application of knowledge is essential when changing body shapes and creating lifestyle habits of others.

We go four steps further to select and train qualified coaches to the Absolutely Fit standard and boast a very high and continuous standard of coaching performance and etiquette.


All of the standard qualities and skills


Absolutely Fit style of coaching using our unique coaching system
to achieve results both inside and outside of the studio

Our standard Personal Trainer qualities

Level 3 Qualifications – Reliability – Punctuality – Professionalism – Personal Fitness.

Minimum skill requirements for our coaches

Click on the positions below for the role requirements

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We’re always looking for new Personal Trainers who are interested in learning the Absolutely Fit coaching style. If you are interested in learning new skills and joining our team, fill in the form below and upload your CV.