As a Life Science graduate, Martial Artist, and devoted family man, my journey in the realm of fitness and transformation began in 2008 when I faced a career shift from Pharmaceutical Validation Scientist to pursuing my passion for Health fitness and well-being.

Distinguishing my approach from conventional Personal Trainers, I draw upon my rich life experiences to craft a coaching platform that consistently delivers results.

The Absolutely Fit Transformation programs are a testament to my extensive knowledge in physiology, bodybuilding, martial arts, mindset, fitness, and nutrition, all honed through industrial science experiences.

Having sculpted my own physique, my relentless pursuit of understanding the philosophy behind body and mindset transformations fuels my commitment to continuous education.

As the founder of Absolutely Fit, I take pride in the bespoke and personalised body transformation programs I’ve meticulously designed. There’s no other program like it, ensuring unparalleled results for our clients.

My scientific background, with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry (1999), postgraduate degrees in Obesity and Weight Management Clinical (2018, 2019), and ongoing pursuit of a Ph.D. in obesity and weight management, sets the foundation for the scientific precision embedded in my coaching. Remarkably, I am the only non-doctor holding a Master’s degree in Obesity and Weight Management in the South West.

“Inspired by my childhood hero Bruce Lee, my dedication to achieving low body fat and muscular definition led me to merge sporting and scientific knowledge”