Absolutely Fit Studio’s Nutrition and Exercise Coaching isn’t for everyone, we’re okay with that.
But here’s the thing; we know If it is right for you, it can Absolutely be life-changing!

That’s why today, we boast current and former Personal training, nutrition, rewarding clients at our Swindon Studio are posting their honest thoughts on our programme.

Yes you will hear Glowing reviews, Positive feedback, Encouragement to join us and get Absolutely Fit!

But that’s not all.
You’ll also hear constructive criticism. What didn’t work for some people. What they struggled with. And why some left the program. It’s our goal to give you access to honest, uncensored, unmoderated and unfiltered feedback.
This way you can hear everything required to make the best decision for you.

We are pleased to say we have achieved, hundreds of fantastic results and testimonials in just 4 years of trading, here are just a few of our totally satisfied  clients.

At Absolutely Fit we totally appreciate each person is an individual;
Some of our clients would like to share their amazing before, during and after success stories. Some would like to give us a verbal tap on the back, some have even setup social media pages dedicated to their commitment at the Absolutely Fit Studio.

We find out what motivates you and help you get the results that you want!

Real people real results!

“Before I met Manjit I was at a dead end, I had tried loads of diets and work out DVD’s but I wasn’t getting any closer to the celebrity body that I craved! Meeting Manjit was the turning point for me.

“I was probably like the majority of girls that go to the gym and have no idea what to do, a quick 5 minutes on each cardio machine, jumping off as soon as I started to sweat. But not any more.

“Manjit was vary patient with me as a new comer to training and is so easy to talk to and question. He made our sessions so satisfying I loved coming away from them with new exercises or going up a level on the bike.

“The feeling after a session with Manjit is better than anything else, even chocolate.”


Louise (Body Shaping)

“I would just like to say how much I enjoyed and learnt throughout my 12 Week Body shaping and Lifestyle Transformation at Absolutely Fit.

Jazmin was my Performance Coach. I saw her once a week for a one to one session;

Jazmin informed me that she would set exercises for me to do outside the Studio to keep me motivated and get my body to change shape. This was perfect for me, as I didn’t feel confident enough to join a public gym as I had very little experience and knowledge or how to train or what to do.  

Jaz is a brilliant Personal Trainer, mentor and Coach who made my exercise and eating programme very enjoyable and most importantly kept me motivated me during the tough times.

After 12 weeks of training and eating properly I felt so much fitter.

The most valuable part of what I have taken away from this experience is that I now have the tools to apply exercise and nutrition on myself, safely and correctly. I am now a member of a gym and have the confidence to use their equipment, knowing that I am not wasting my time or money in my membership.

I would highly recommend Absolutely Fit to anyone wanting to change their way of life regarding fitness and nutrition, to build confidence, shape your body the way you want it to look and improve your fitness levels by having top quality Personal Training in a friendly, informative private Studio with a great environment and coaches.”


Paul (Body Shaping)


“My wife decided to go and see Manjit and Jazmin at Absolutely Fit to see what they could offer; she came back with a renewed confidence with the knowledge that there was someone there to help with nutrition, training and motivation (something that we both needed); as a result I decided to book an appointment to see Manjit myself. He talked me through everything, including showing me how his studio equipment that has been specially modified to get the best results and more importantly to avoid injury. That was it, I was hooked and signed up for a 12 Week nutrition and training program initially for twice a week.

I chose Jazmin as my Coach, the same as my wife which worked out really well in terms of booking the training sessions and for asking advice.

The first session involved taking body measurements and photographs, great I hear you say, but actually it is well worth it when you see the end result.

The first workout is just a general all over body work mainly used as an assessment by the coaches.

The workouts are intense but are provided with excellent tuition and motivation is always there, even if you feel like giving up the motivation Jazmin provides will keep you going, believe me it really does help take your mind and body where you didn’t think it could go!

Shortly after starting, I received my nutritional plan, which was excellent; everything was written down, what to eat, how much to eat and what time to eat, it really couldn’t have been simpler. I was very surprised in the way that I could eat a huge variety of foods and even have planned cheat meals (I was told to order an Indian once a week on Saturday night, how could I complain?!) The nutrition is always checked and tweaked if required before each session to make sure I am on track and not struggling.

After my first 4 weeks training I had my measurements and photographs re-taken. I was amazed at the results; it really did motivate me to see if I could improve for the next set of measurements.

The sessions were excellent and I was always looking forward to being taken well out of my comfort zone, mentally and physically! Over the coming weeks Jazmin would push me further with more weight and more complex exercises, always making sure my form was correct to avoid injury. She has countless exercises so you never get bored doing the same exercise, and most importantly I didn’t reach a plateau, something I had done in the past training on my own. Each session is always completely different. Then came the 8-week point, time for the measurements and the dreaded photographs again!!! I was blown away with the results and this was only twice a week, I decided to opt for 3 times week and change my training slightly from fat loss to strength. This gave me more determination to lift what was put in front of me and I managed to find some inner strength I never knew I had!

I was really sad the 12 weeks ended but really pleased with the end results. I lost 5” around my waist and transformed my body shape, it has provided me the knowledge and determination to carry on and continue my body and mind my transformation.

Even though I have completed my 12-week program, Manjit and Jazmin are always there for advice and help, they always respond promptly and the advice is always excellent. They want you to succeed as much as you do and will support you all the way.

If you are sick of diets that never work or going to a gym and not really seeing any results, then you need a lifestyle change. The best way to achieve this is to contact Absolutely Fit- you will not be disappointed! I cannot recommend them enough, they have the knowledge and some of their gym equipment is unique and cannot be found in any other gym in the South West.

Jaz- Thank you for helping me to transform my body shape especially my abs which I don’t ever recall seeing before☺ and for providing me with drive to continue the improvement.”


Tony (Body Shaping) 


“I decided to contact Absolutely Fit as I was in need of help with my diet, and only initially made an appointment to see Manjit to talk about getting a bespoke nutritional plan.

I had been struggling with my food since returning from a holiday the previous September, myself and Tony (my Husband) had been using the gym regularly before this holiday and trying to eat healthily.

The problems arose when returning from holiday and having a fragile lower back which was having a bad episode, which in turn meant I couldn’t exercise which then led to me becoming depressed which meant I ate more of the wrong foods, which meant I gained over one and a half stone.

Resulting in the end during the period of late December to when I contacted Manjit at the end of February to me starting to have regular binge eats, this resulted in me hiding these binges from Tony, I would go and buy a lot of food in secret and eat it all at once until I was gorged… this started as something that I did every few weeks but became more frequent… I decided that I needed to do something drastic which is why I contacted Manjit.

Upon meeting Manjit at the studio I was overwhelmed with his enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge of nutrition and exercise, I was really impressed with the studio and the idea of working out in private with your chosen Coach, and that there is a variety of choices to how many times you work out and different pricing structures.

I was also impressed when Manjit explained the difference between just doing a movement in the gym and actually carrying out an exercise in the correct form, this was one of the reasons I decided to also go for the training.

 I signed up for the nutritional plan and the 12-week transformation working out 3 times a week with my chosen Coach Jazmin. I was ready to get started and hoping this would solve my eating problems and make me feel better about myself.

I received my nutritional plan shortly after and began my training with Jazmin,the nutrition was great it was all written down so I knew exactly what to eat and when and I found it was quite easy to follow, Manjit was always on hand to ask any questions to regarding the nutrition. It wasn’t a total shock as I had always eaten fairly healthily, it’s really knowing when NOT to eat certain foods and the portion size that was the most surprising.

 The training was the part I enjoyed the most, Jazmin pushes her clients hard and that’s what I needed, every session was different and all the way through the 12 weeks I could feel myself progressing.

I have a lower back problem and Jazmin was mindful of this and for the whole time training with her I never had any problems. The training is excellent motivation and the equipment in the studio is far superior to the gym I train in usually.

I have now finished the 12 weeks and fully intend to restart training with Jazmin after my holiday in a few months, the results were really good I started at a size 12 and ended as a size 8 and I lost a total of 11 inches!

Since finishing with Jazmin I have tried my holiday clothes on which are a size 8 from last year and the trousers are now too big!  

So even after finishing with Absolutely Fit I have kept up the nutrition and exercise to the same intensity and it is continuing to work.

 I still have some way to go in certain areas but this has been an amazing experience and has given me the tools to manage to carry on myself.

And I haven’t had any problems since starting the plan with my eating problem. I cannot recommend Absolutely Fit enough, the Coaches, facilities and advice are amazing and I would encourage anyone to sign up, you certainly won’t look back once you start a new healthy lifestyle.


Suzy (Body Shaping)

“When I first heard of and approached Absolutely Fit I was 19 1/2 stone, not having done any dieting or exercise of note for many years. (I am 56 years old).

I was introduced to my coach, and was not immediately hopeful of fulfilling my aims of weight reduction, waist reduction and the wish to continue with training when my 12 weeks were completed.

I embarked on a 3 times per week workout and diet/nutrition plan (written for me before a started the course), which suited me very well.

We very soon settled into a routine, my coach knowing my needs and limits and I developed the understanding that what I was basically doing was ripping muscle and repairing them with CHICKEN.

After 12 weeks I have lost 2 1/2 stone net weight, I have reduced my body fat considerably as well as increasing my muscle mass. I walk differently, more upstanding, looking and feeling more confidant. I now attend a gym (sort of) regularly and my weight loss has been maintained. I also have continued with a much healthier diet.

I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending both my coach and Absolutely Fit itself for the professionalism and friendly approach to training. The gym itself was modern and the equipment was first class, better than I have seen in most gyms I have visited.”


Rob (Body Shaping)



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