Absolutely Fit Studio’s Nutrition and Exercise Coaching isn’t for everyone, we’re okay with that.

But here’s the thing; we know If it is right for you, it can Absolutely be life-changing!

That’s why today, we boast current and former Personal training, nutrition, rewarding clients at our Swindon Studio are posting their honest thoughts on our programme.

Yes you will hear Glowing reviews, Positive feedback, Encouragement to join us and get Absolutely Fit!

But that’s not all.
You’ll also hear constructive criticism. What didn’t work for some people. What they struggled with. And why some left the program. It’s our goal to give you access to honest, uncensored, unmoderated and unfiltered feedback.
This way you can hear everything required to make the best decision for you.

We are pleased to say we have achieved, hundreds of fantastic results and testimonials in just 4 years of trading, here are just a few of our totally satisfied  clients.

At Absolutely Fit we totally appreciate each person is an individual;
Some of our clients would like to share their amazing before, during and after success stories. Some would like to give us a verbal tap on the back, some have even setup social media pages dedicated to their commitment at the Absolutely Fit Studio.

We find out what motivates you and help you get the results that you want!

Real people real results!

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“Before I met Manjit I was at a dead end, I had tried loads of diets and work out DVD’s but I wasn’t getting any closer to the celebrity body that I craved! Meeting Manjit was the turning point for me.

“I was probably like the majority of girls that go to the gym and have no idea what to do, a quick 5 minutes on each cardio machine, jumping off as soon as I started to sweat. But not any more.

“Manjit was vary patient with me as a new comer to training and is so easy to talk to and question. He made our sessions so satisfying I loved coming away from them with new exercises or going up a level on the bike.

“The feeling after a session with Manjit is better than anything else, even chocolate.”

Louise (Body Shaping)

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